Houston Fertilization

Fertilizers in the Houston area are used to supply deficient nutrients to the soil to improve the growth and health of your landscape. There are two basic types of fertilizers: organic, and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are made from natural sources including plants, animals, and minerals. Inorganic fertilizers are man-made and sythesized in a laboratory

Our arborists have many years of experience with tree and shrub fertilization. You can rest assured that we will properly fertilize your landscape. Our qualified staff will design the shrub or tree Houston area fertilization program that is right for you and your unique landscape.

Improper fertilization can be detrimental, and may distress or kill your shrubs and trees. Our knowledgable staff will provide the proper levels of fertilization required for your unique environment.

You will quickly notice the benefits of fertilizing in the Houston area. You will see a fuller canopy in your trees, thicker and healthier shrubbery, and lush grasses. Your plant life will be more resistant to disease and insect infestations.

Fertilization can also be useful when attempting to save a stressed or damaged tree or shrub. With proper care and nutrition, many seemingly lost plants can be restored to health. Disease can be reversed, and when fertilization is combined with a trimming and pruning program you can expect to see phenominal improvements in your landscape.


The following is an estimate of fertilization costs. Prices can vary depending on your particular landscape.

  • SMALL: $126
  • MEDIUM: $150
  • LARGE: $200
  • XLARGE: $250
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