Houston Irrigation

In hot, sunny climates such as we have in the Houston area it is especially important to provide adequate hydration to your landscape. Installing a time monitored system provides our customers with piece of mind and also eliminates the need for cumbersome, time consuming hose-mounted sprinkler units.

Our Houston area irrigation specialist will design the perfect irrigation compliment to your landscape. It is important for the design of such a system to take into account the specifics of each type of plant life and the required hydration levels. The designer must also keep in mind those areas which may have difficulty draining properly.

Once you experience the freedom of a time monitored irrigation system you'll never want to be without one again. Systems can be programed to precise watering levels at specific times of the day. Our systems can keep your landscape hydrated while you're away on vacation. You'll never have to concern yourself again with manual irrigation systems.

Installing a quality irrigation system in the Houston area is one of the best investments one can make with regard to their landscape. Failure to properly hydrate your plant life can result in the loss of shrubs and trees, and require costly improvements to correct the damage. Have our staff install an irrigation system and enjoy the piece of mind you get knowing that your landscape will always receive the correct level of hydration.


Pricing can depend on your particular landscape. Contact us for an estimate today!

  • ALL: $400 SQ FT

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