Houston Landscaping

Our team will sculpt the land around your property to provide a lush, serene environment. We have many options to choose from, and with our free estimates you have nothing to lose!

Profesionally maintained landscaping in the Houston area can dramatically increase the property value of your home. We use nothing but the highest quality materials in the implementation of your landscape. Don't settle for inferior quality and workmanship when you can have the design you've always dreamed of!

Being an art and a science, Houston landscaping requires both an eye for design as well as the biological knowledge of plant life. Quality lanscape design can only be produced by architects capable of combining these skills. A comprehensive plan will be created showing the details of the design, this can include drawings detailing lighting, plant life, irrigation, etc. Great care is taken during the design phase and the needs of the client are paramount when finalizing the landscape design.

Landscape design can involve many disciplines including geography, botany, surveying, composition, and irrigation. Good landscape design will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Through manipulating the natural environment we can improve the ambiance of a place through artistic design.

At Living Trees and Shrubs we succeed through the use of quality plants and hardscape materials. We guarantee our Houston area landscaping work will be second to none. Our qualified architects can provide a serene, natural surrounding for you and your family to enjoy. We will also maintain the landscape after the design and implementation. We provide the proper maintenance for each season of the year and assure that our clients will always have a superior landscape.

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