Houston Outdoor Lighting

Our experienced lighting technicians will install an illumination system precisely to your specifications. Impress your guests with the one-of-a-kind ambiance of profesionally installed illumination. We use only quality equipment to provide lasting lighting solutions.

Outdoor lighting can produce a dramatic effect that will impress your friends and neighbors. Flood lights can illuminate the base of your trees. Accent lights can illuminate buildings or other areas of your landscape. Different colors can be used to enhance mood, and provide an asthetically pleasing appearance to your home at night.

The safety of your home can also be enhanced through effective outdoor lighting. Dark areas of your property can be illuminated. Entries can be filled with light. Motion sensitive lighting can be installed to instantly illuminate an area in the event of movement.

Our lighting systems come in numerous designs and finishes. The outdoor lighting systems that we install will provide years of functional use because the fixtures and other components are designed with the highest quality materials. Expect nothing less than the best outdoor lighting systems money can buy.

Contact us today and our outdoor lightling specialist will work with you to design the outdoor lighting system that is right for you.


The following is an estimate of installation costs. Pricing may vary depending on your environment.

  • 600W Transformer - installed: $500
  • LIGHTS: $145 EA
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