Houston Root Barriers

We utilize the highest quality products in our professionally installed Houston area root control systems. Biobarrier® is an award-winning technology using state of the art materials. Biobarrier® serves as a long-term root control system, which incorporates time-release nodules. When strategically placed in the soil, it prevents structural damage from root encroachment.

Roots can cause cracking and buckling in your sidewalks, driveway, and patios. In Houston root barriers are needed to prevent the need for costly repairs.

When strategically placed in the soil, a root barrier will prevent the structural damage associated with root encroachment. Biobarrier® will actually cause roots to grow in a different direction, diverting them from damaging your foundation or other concrete structure. Biobarrier® can last for 15 years or more depending on how the root barrier was installed.

Root barriers in the Houston area protect both your hardscape and your landscape from damaging root encroachment. They will not adversely affect the health of your trees or shrubs, and will not prevent the nurishment of the soil from passing through the root barrier to the roots of your trees and shrubs. Roots that grow into the area of the root barrier will merely be redirected, they will not be otherwise damaged by the Biobarrier®. Root barriers with Biobarrier® are even used to prevent trees and shrubs from damaging dams and levees.


The following is an estimate of root barrier installation costs. Prices can vary depending on your particular landscape.

  • 19 1/2in DEEP: $30 FT
  • 29in DEEP: $40 FT
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